Outstanding Warrants

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Verify Outstanding Warrants

Outstanding warrants can be verified in two ways: by the Texas Department of Public Safety, or by checking with the jurisdiction in which the warrant was issued.
Warrants issued by the city of Austin, the Austin police department or the Austin Municipal Court will appear as APD warrants and can be found at:

To clear a warrant that was issued outside of Travis County, a bondsman is usually recommended.

Other Warrant Information

If you are seeking information on warrants issued by other jurisdictions, you can check by contacting the respective jurisdiction. If a warrant has been incorrectly entered, either by the misspelling of a name or an incorrectly entered date of birth, the warrant will most likely not appear thru a standard search.

Be Aware That Information Could Be Incorrectly Entered

If information on a warrant is not located when searching either the county or APD website, it does not guarantee that no warrant exists for that person. There may be warrants issued that do not appear in the automated system.

What to Do If You Find an Outstanding Warrant

If a warrant is located, an attorney may obtain approval on a bond by visiting with a judge. This should be done prior to the defendant surrendering themselves into custody on the warrant. The warrant can then be cleared by completing a walk-thru, set up by an attorney. The walk-thru usually takes approximately one hour. If a person is arrested on an outstanding warrant prior to obtaining a judge's approval on the bond, it may take several hours or even days to obtain a release from jail.
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