Jail Information

Conducive Jail Information

How to Find Information on a Person in Jail?

Information on a person in jail may be obtained here.
For Williamson County click here.

When Is Jail Information Available?

Jail information is not available until the defendant has formally been booked into the jail.
The booking process is usually completed within 2 to 3 hours after the arrest.

When Can a Bond Be Posted?

Although a bond cannot be posted until the bond amount has been set, if the arrest paperwork has been submitted, the attorney may sometimes expedite the setting of the bond by waiving magistration.

How Long Can Someone Be Held After Arrest?

A defendant in a misdemeanor case can be held in jail for up to 24 hours before there is a bond amount set.
In felony cases, the defendant may be held for up to 48 hours before the bond is set.
If a bond is not set within those time constraints, the person will be released on a judge's card. A warrant may be issued after the release and the individual may be subject to rearrest. Warrant checks on both the APD and county databases should be done periodically after release to avoid such an occurrence. If a warrant is discovered, an attorney usually can get approval for some type of bond. The warrant can then be cleared by completing a process called a walk-thru. The walk-thru usually takes about an hour. It is never a wise choice to surrender yourself on the warrant with the intention of being released on a bond after you are incarcerated. Such a decision could result in a lengthy jail stay if complications arise regarding the approval of a bond.
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